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Popcorn Asylum features a particular subset of art known as ‘Outsider Art’. Outsider art is art created by those outside the norm of society who are, by definition, untrained. As a result, the art is unbound by the convention. Shapes, shades, colors, themes and every other aspect of an outsider work is an organic creation. Despite the lack of any unifying training or influence, the styles and themes still overlap a great deal. Outsider art is not a hodgepodge, but a consistent reflection of the human mind’s interpretation of the world. The genre demonstrates a thread connecting the species. Read our story.

This is not to say the work is realistic. The genre lends itself to unlikely sources. More than other art forms there is a pronounced overlap between outsider artists and the mentally ill. This extends not only to benign savants, religious visionaries, and compulsives but also to prisoners, whose perspective of life is also disconnected from that of the everyday man or woman.