It’s not uncommon to find throughout unreliable information online, particularly when it involves details concerning food. Often, out of date info still flows, while various other times, bad information in some way spreads out as well as ends up being treated like truths. In either case, there are a handful of preferred misconceptions concerning snacks that have actually been de-bunked by the National Popcorn Board. Right here’s the skinny on several of the much more widely flowed inaccuracies regarding snacks:

Misconception 1: Popcorn has no dietary value.

Reality: Snacks is a terrific source of dietary fiber, and also 3 mugs contains regarding three grams of fiber. It’s also an entire grain, that makes it a smarter selection when it involves carbs.

Myth 2: Popcorn is a 20th century snack.

Truth: Snacks has roots dating back to the early Aztecs as well as Indigenous Americans. The snack acquired appeal in the 1800s, when Americans started to discover imaginative uses for popcorn in their food preparation, consisting of, gruel, pudding, cakes, and also more. In the late 1800s is when snacks became associated with movie theaters as the prominent film-accompanying treat we understand today.

Myth 3: Snacks is convenience food.

Truth: Along with being an outstanding source of entire grain carbs, popcorn has no ingredients or chemicals as well as is normally a sugar-free product. It is also reduced in fat as well as calories: air popped snacks includes simply 30 calories per mug, while oil-popped snacks includes 35 calories per cup.

Misconception 4: Microwave popcorn is bad for you.

Truth: Many individuals question the coatings on the within numerous microwave popcorn bags– however given that 2006, producers have actually been making sure that no PFOAs, or perflourooctanoic acid (a substance occasionally made use of in grease-resistant finishings for paper such as junk food as well as sweet wrappers) are used in the finish inside microwave snacks bags.

Misconception 5: Snacks is GMO.

Fact: In the United States, there has never ever been any GMO (Genetically Customized Microorganism) popcorn seed available for sale– ever before. According to the National Snacks Board, there is likewise not any GMO popcorn seed readily available offer for sale in international markets.

Amish Nation Snacks is proud to generate premium snacks products at our ranch in Indiana. Whatever we market is gathered as well as developed with integrity, so you can feel good regarding snacking to your heart’s joy!

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